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Flights to Santiago de Cuba | Havana Santiago de Cuba Flights

Are you looking for cheap international flights to Cuba? Immediate confirmation of your flight to Santiago de Cuba is just 2 clicks away. We also offer a price comparison of all available airlines to Cuba and Santiago de Cuba to allow you to get the best flight deals to Cuba right now. In Cuba? Also […]

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Casa de la Musica Santiago de Cuba

The Casa de la Musica (House of Music) in Santiago de Cuba is an absolute “must visit” place which will undoubtedly become the highlight of your visit to Cuba. Every night you can listen to the intoxicating rhythms of Cuban music while dancing the night away. You’ll meet locals who encourage visitors to get up […]

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Parque de Baconao Santiago de Cuba

The Parque de Baconao just outside Santiago de Cuba is a must for families with children. Large stone life-size animals such as dinosaurs and modern creatures litter this beautiful park called the Valle de la Prehistoria Park or Prehistoric Valley. Close by you will also find a small car museum with some old relics from […]

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Parque Cespedes Santiago de Cuba

Cespedes Park is the epicenter of Santiago de Cuba and offers a perfect insight into Cuban life. The romanticism of Cubans is demonstrated here through; talking, hustling, flirting, guitar strumming groups who offer impromptu musical serenades. Under the watchful eye of the bronze bust of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, famous founding father of the Cuban […]

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Moncada Barracks Santiago de Cuba

If there’s any place in Cuba with significant importance in the country’s recent history, it has to be the Moncada Barracks. The Moncada Barracks were an important military stronghold for the Batista government in Santiago de Cuba and, a historic site which marked the start of the Cuban revolution. On July 26, 1953, the Moncada Barracks became […]

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Diego Velazquez Museum Santiago de Cuba

Located in the property originally owned by the Diego Velazquez, Spanish conqueror and first ever Governor of Cuba. The house was built between 1516 and 1530 and has survived despite numerous fires, hurricanes and other natural disasters which have plagued Santiago de Cuba over the past 300 years. The house offers an architectural and ornamental […]

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Santa Ifigenia Cemetery Santiago de Cuba

To the west of the Santiago de Cuba center you’ll find the Cementerio Santa Ifigenia, Cuba’s second largest Cemetery after Havana’s Necropolis Cristobal Colón. Founded in 1868 , its primary purpose then was as a resting place for victims of the War of Independence and then the later massive deaths relating to the yellow-fever outbreak […]

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San Pedro de la Roca del Morro Fortress Santiago de Cuba

San Pedro de la Roca Castle or, as its known locally, El Morro de Santiago de Cuba, is a similar fortifaction to the El Morro Castle in Havana which was designed primarily as a fortress to protect the harbor mouth against pirates and other unwelcome guests. Designed in 1637 by Giovanni Battista Antonelli, a military […]

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Hotel Rancho Club Santiago de Cuba

Address: Alturas De Quintero Km 1 1/2, Santiago de Cuba As a budget hotel, Hotel Rancho Club Santiago de Cuba is pretty hard to match in Cuba’s second largest city. If your plan is to visit the historic city of Santiago de Cuba but prefer to put expensive accommodation money towards a better tour of […]

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Hotel Balcon del Caribe Santiago de Cuba

Address: Carretera del Morro Km 7.5, Santiago de Cuba Hotel Balcon del Caribe is located strategically on Santiago de Cuba’s historic Bay at less than 7 kilometers from downtown Santiago de Cuba, the colonial city with so much to see and do. One side the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and on the other […]

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