Casa de la Musica Santiago de Cuba

asa de la Musica Santiago de Cuba

The Casa de la Musica (House of Music) in Santiago de Cuba is an absolute “must visit” place which will undoubtedly become the highlight of your visit to Cuba. Every night you can listen to the intoxicating rhythms of Cuban music while dancing the night away. You’ll meet locals who encourage visitors to get up and dance, some of which are all too happy to lend a hand with your salsa technique. Drinks are reasonably priced for such a popular venue in Santiago de Cuba. La Casa de la Musica is located on Calle Mariano corona, no. 564, just one street west of Parque Cespedes also known as Santiago de Cuba’s main city square. The main music played is Cuba’s infectious “Son” rhythms that are guaranteed to first get your feet tapping and then joining in.