Diego Velazquez Museum Santiago de Cuba

Diego Velazquez Museum Santiago de Cuba

Located in the property originally owned by the Diego Velazquez, Spanish conqueror and first ever Governor of Cuba. The house was built between 1516 and 1530 and has survived despite numerous fires, hurricanes and other natural disasters which have plagued Santiago de Cuba over the past 300 years.

The house offers an architectural and ornamental look into design back in the 14th century, especially via its windows and numerous balconies, cedar roofs.

The Diego Velazquez museum gives the visitor a rare peek into colonial life. The original furniture from France, UK, Spain and of course, Cuba demonstrates not only the excellent taste of the owner but also just how many merchant ships with goods and wares must have visited Santiago de Cuba around that time. The Museum also demonstrates the extreme wealth that the colonial bourgeoisie in Cuba of that time gained.

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